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Monday, July 10, 2006

lost it all

hey, everyone; really quick update

over the past week i haven't been here, my computer was destroyed by a virus. lost everything. thank god i had a saved copy of my updated ms in my e-mail. THANK GOD. sorry for bad type, but i'm really tired. i've been doing some great writing, and i have good ideas for future blogs. i don't know why my blog's been down. (thanks for the heads-up, serena!) seeya around, i promise ... i'll see you soon. and updates!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

A book on how to write and get published - Part Two

If any of you remember back a few weeks, I said I would make a few posts recommending good books to help starting writers do their work better and increase their chances of being published. Well, I searched and searched my house, and finally came up with my favorite of all: Noah Lukeman's The First Five Pages. This was the first book I read about how to write, and it saved me from months of rewrites. (Luckily, I bought it at the beginning of writing my current novel.) He has great sections and breaks things up in a good order.

This 200-page book gives you a great run-down of everything a writer needs to know, including: Viewpoint and Narrtion, Hooks, Style, Characterization, an entire part on Dialogue, and much more. After reading each detail-rich section (full of examples), you'll be given exercises that will greatly improve your work if done right. (I speak from experience.) I feel that I owe this book so much. It basically taught me how to write. Also, it's of nice quality. If my book was printed in paperback, I'd like for it to look like this book: nice fonts, easy to hold the pages open with one hand, good paper.

Extremely Highly Recommended. The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.

Audio book vs. real book

Which do you prefer: audio book or conventional book?

Me? Conventional. I cannot do audio. I need to be able to see the words and visualize.