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Friday, June 09, 2006

Two Rices, a Paolini, and a Borchardt

I was looking over the blog of S. W. Vaughn when I found this post he's made, and it's funny, because I've thought the exact same things. (Though, I've read part of Paolini's first book, so I can say he's decent. Not amazing, but definitely good. And I think that he does deserve his contract. He worked hard to get noticed, and he has skill.) You can read what I'm talking about here.

I remember the first time I saw that Christopher Rice had books published. (It was only a few months ago, after I finished Interview with the Vampire, which was amazing. READ IT NOW.) Well, I picked up one of his books and just thought, There's no way he could have gotten this published so easily if his mother wasn't named Anne Rice.

Nothing against the Rices. Anne is one of my idols. She's amazing. But I don't think Christopher shares the writing gift on the same level as his mother. Nor does her sister, Alice Borchardt. Of course, I'm guilty of the sin of not having read any of their books. (I did read the prologue to Christopher's A Density of Souls [which is okay], and first pages of Alice B's The Silver Wolf [which has a review by Anne of the cover].)

God help me if Anne Rice ever sees this. I'll die.


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