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Friday, June 09, 2006

Traditional publishers 'don't care'

... Until Dean Koont'z recent book
THE HUSBAND he really hasn't had any good ones. Most of JD Robb's books are
cookie cutter fiction as are the series behind VC ANDREWS. Mary Higgins Clark
and even Danielle Steele are doing nothing but rehashing the same old story in
new settings. The "traditional" publishing world isn't interested in good

(I've never gotten around to reading one of Koont'z books.)

... And there ya have it, folks! Traditional publishers aren't interested in good fiction. That was said by someone on another site I was browsing, in a topic about getting published. I fully disagree, by the way. The person who posted that went the POD route, and since then, has become an advocate of PublishAmerica.

(*cough-PA-turns-all-their-"clients"-into-mindless-advocate-clones-cough* If you don't believe that, visit their message board. It's funny how only PA authors can post, and anyone making an anti-PA post immediately gets their post deleted. One look, and any pro-traditional will be sick.)

So, this guy is saying that he's perfectly happy having done POD (and there's nothing wrong with that, if he's happy. For more information on 'happiness,' see this recent Miss Snark post), but this guy's also constantly taking down the "traditional publishing industry." (That's what he calls it.) Hmmmm ... okay, so traditional publishers aren't interested in good fiction, and the realm of POD publishing is where all budding artists thrive. Let's compare some of their titles. Tell me which names you recognize:

Traditional Publishers*
1. Harry Potter
2. Jurassic Park
3. Cell

"Vanity"/POD 'Publishers':*
1. Atlanta Live
2. The Forum
3. Shelly's Diary

*(That is: REAL PUBLISHERS); All titles on the NYT bestseller list at one point.
*All titles taken from the books of note section on the PA homepage.


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