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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some womans dropped some novel's on their foots

Warning: If you ever decide to change something fundamental early in your story after you've made serious progress, do so — but be warned by me (first?) that it may take a lot of work to fix it all. I've done exactly this, and I figure I have two weeks of editing ahead of me. But I do get a good laugh, when I see that I've made such typos as womans instead of "women" and foots instead of "feet." Of course, I felt a bit better today, when I saw a reader at Miss Snark's blog had posted a link to this.

"One of Roth's most powerful novel's ever ..."

And on a Pulitzer-winner. Ouch.
Gringy says: It reminds me of my poor old autobiography's title.
(For anyone wondering, he called his autobio, Gringys Self-written Auti-biographie. No joke. After saying, "Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department," I told him it was probably the main reason no agent would take him seriously. That, and the fact that he sent his queries on pink poster board by FedEx. The agents just said that my writing wasn't what they were "currently seeking to represent"; they never mentioned the poster board ... which I think was a great idea, really eye-grabbing.)


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