The Rentable Writer

Friday, June 02, 2006

Now ready to be rented

I am the Rentable Writer, a writer like most others. I think I have talent. That could be argued, of course. My sidekick, Gringy, argues. Then again, his writing skills are less than average.

Gringy: Actually, I find them quite refined.

Well, they're not, Gringy. I hate to be brutally honest. (Acutally, I don't; I find it quite enjoyable.) Gringy will be talking in the red, by the way. But on to the purpose of this blog ... which is everything writing. I'll be answering your question about writing, and I'll be critiquing (almost) anything you send me: short stories, first pages, entire novels ... anything. I'll give you my comments and leave the comments open so that others can say what they think. But please, keep it to fiction. I'm not big on non-fiction.

And neither am I.

(After Gringy's autobiography was simultaneously rejected by every publishers in North America, he kind of gave up on the genre. He hopes I'll allow him to post bits of it here.) I'll also be periodically doing a book review, hopefully on something unknown and fresh, and presumably be posting some news that's occuring in the writing world. Until then, send your questions and writings to me at:
. (First person to send me something gets a free virtual high-five from Gringy.) And for anyone wondering: I call myself the Rentable Writer, because you can "rent" me for free help (if that makes sense ...).


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