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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I spelled 'compliment' wrong ...

Over at the wonderful Miss Snark's blog, I asked a question that (to my delight) was posted. It was the one about being called "the next Dan Brown." Well, at this point it's had an absolutely crazy comment-life, with over fifty people choosing to voice their opinion on the matter. And a few have taken a swing at me — not necessarily for my question's topic — but because in the question I spelled "compliment" like this:

(Gringy's snickering.)
I was really surprised when I hopped over to Miss Snark's blog today and saw that someone had sent in this question:

Deer Miss Snark,

I no there's no such things as a "stupid" question" but I've noticed that alot of so called "Writers" who's questions you post to ur blog often mispell works or use the wrong word, for example saying "complement" instead of "compliment" or "they're" instead of "their" and so on.

Well, you can only imagine my amazement and joy. I've been reading Miss Snark's blog for a couple months now, and I've sent a few questions. Some have received answers, but this was the first one to be answered on the blog. (Thank you, again, Miss Snark. Gringy would like to thank you, as well, and asks how Killer Yapp is doing.) I can't believe my little question (that I thought would be ignored) has gotten this much attention. The only thing that makes me adore Miss Snark more?


I'm not getting caught up in the false logic of "you can't spell worth a shit" or "you messed up a word" ergo you are a bad writer.

Besides: pot/black. I drive people crazy with my punctuation, my misuse of fewer/less than, not to mention my dangling modifiers, participles and mismatched adverbial forms.

I assume the questions here are pretty close to first draft; I know my replies get a spell check and a review, but I'm NOT giving each post the three day intense scrutiny I give a cover letter, or the year long scrutiny you give a novel.

Let's talk about ideas here, or substantive issues, and leave the spelling wars to people who knit picks for fun. You can be a nitwit for a lot of reasons here but it's a compliment to be in the complement of those who have risked public scrutiny to ask a question.

Thank dog for the Snark.


  • Ah, the joys of the internet--where everyone makes constant typos, and where, if you can't attack someone's opinion, you can at least point out their lousy spelling and grammar!

    Hee, hee...

    By Blogger Inkwolf, at June 03, 2006 1:24 PM  

  • That's nothing mate. When I sent a question to Miss Snark that she posted people thought I was from a non-English speaking background because I had so many run on sentences. I was embarassed for half a second and then laughed. We all have our writing weaknesses. When submitting work we have the luxury of time to ensure our prose is perfect, when posting on blogs it's about the immediacy of the response. The person who made that comment needs to pull his head back in and get a life. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out Crichton.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 03, 2006 11:43 PM  

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