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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Again, submissions

If you want to send me something to be critiqued and commented, I'd be more than glad to rip your work to shreds in the most helpful of ways. Whatever you want critted, send to: I swear I won't bite. Much. Muahahaha.

Q. "Hey, uh, like, what the hell do you accept?"

A. First pages, short stories, queries (for editing/grammar), novels (send with a description of your book in the e-mail's body, but the actual novel as an attachment; I'll e-mail you back if I choose to read it), and anything you might want proofread. Fiction, please. At this point in time, though, I'll take short non-fiction. I'm really a make-believe kinda guy.

If you don't want the work posted on the blog, say so in the e-mail. Otherwise, I will post it somewhere (likely on the blog ...) so that readers (however few) can leave their own comments on it. I won't put your name or any personal info that comes with the e-mail on the blog. I swear. If you're looking for a review, someone who knows punctuation (that's me!), and the honest truth of what I think about your work ... then send away to me. Again, that's: (And that high-five from Gringy is STILL up for the first person to send me something. I should warn you, he's really tired of holding his arm up, so whoever sends somthing will hold a special place in his hear. Awwww. Isn't that cute?)


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